Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Street Singer

The street singer sings of his dreams
To the deaf ears of the darkish night
His voice was enchanting and blissful
Mixed with soulful emotion and passion
He wanted to reach out the hearts of the people,
Who were sinking into the favorite dreams
The winter was pinning into the depths of his skin
And his bones were murmuring with each other
His heart was like a fiery hearth which never dims
Radiating heat and life to his blood and soul
The twinkling stars of the sky lend their ears
To the emanating pain and fragrance full hopes in his voice

The whole day the singer wanders through the street
In the hope that somebody would reckon his voice
People were turning their face and moving off
Seeing his shabby cloths and dirty face..
The singer tried to hum a line from his favorite song
But, the scorching sun over his head took off his voice

The street singer sings of his dreams
To the deaf ears of the darkish night
The shining meteors brighten the horizon
And ended as a flicker in the vastness of the sky
The distant sky starts to turn red
The voice of the singer starts to get pale
The street singer sings of his dreams
To the deaf ears of the darkish night……

Monday, September 26, 2011

Open up

Open up your mind O.. friend
Let the words be poured out -
From the lonely dappled valleys of your heart.

Let the thoughts be calm and pains be eased
Let your mind roam
Beyond the reach of your tied up eyes.
Relish the blissful scent of a heavenly flower
And the enchanting music of a string
Let the melancholic moments of your life be forgotten
Let the smouldering wounds be healed

Some where in your deliberately forgotten dreams
You must have enjoyed
The quenching feel of a first rain
And the boundless freedom of a bird.
They are more than words
The depths and emotions of your whisper
Of a bleeding heart and soul

Open up your mind O.. friend
Let the words be poured out
From the lonely dappled valleys of your heart

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The days of drought

The never ending drought seems to be ending
The soothing hairs of a silky rain
Covers the sight and cooling the depths
On the farthest end of the horizon
I can see a beautiful rainbow blooming up

Friday, September 24, 2010

I am waiting...

The days of loneliness
The days of twilight
The days of murkiness
The days of waiting

We met before ages
We became pals of births
We shared and laughed and fought
As if lovers, as if looners, as if enemies

The time was running
The world around us was changing
The almighty was writing new chapters of our life.
People came in, people went out
Some stayed some were forgotten

You were like a pretty playful child
Playing busily with newly got toys,
Abandoning the used and old ones,
Which were treasured till the last night ?

I am waiting lonely in my world
Holding my memories
And never let it perish
May be my dreams are just a waste of time
May be those days of togetherness,
Will just remain as a dream
I am still living here
And forever I still care…

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journey uphill

The sea of white clouds
Kissing the mountains
The chilling breeze
Touching the skin
The pouring drizzle
Drawing pics on the window glass
The blanket of darkens
Creeping through the woods
The hands of night
Covering the eyes..
I am slipping to dreams slowly as it seems

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My heart is not a basket

My heart is not a basket
It cannot take any more garbage
It bleeds here and there; and
Blood oozes out like tears
I gave places in my heart
For those whom I love
For those whom I care for
The love, the care, the sadness or the joys
Whatever they returned were stored
In their places.
As the days passed.. I got;
A foul smell from some of the places
Which were kept as special..
I ignored the smell and continued with it
I tried to pretend to have a bad cold
But.. slowly slowly my tolerance decreased
The smell started irritating me a lot
I opened my heart and examined each place
Some of the places were half filled
Some of the places were not filled at all
Some of the places were filled with garbage
Which were expected to have filled with flowers..
With a bleeding heart and filled up eyes
I cleaned the places and locked them for ever…
Because my heart is not a basket
It cannot take any more garbage..

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Pedestrian

I am a pedestrian who has no aim
Who walks the way comes before him
When I began the walk, I thought,
The end is near and that I would reach soon,
But as the time creeps up
And as the way runs out
It splits into many leaving me in a junction
Where I stand and ponder on and on
To decide whether to stop
To decide which way to choose
This happens again and again and again
As I run out my life second by second

I am a pedestrian who has no aim
There are many who walks past me
Who seemed to be in a hurry
To reach their destiny
To quench their thirst
There are many who walk
As if they have decided to walk all this life

I am a pedestrian who has no aim
Having spend all my life
And having tread all these ways
Now I realize that this road never ends
This is my life and I am bound to go
Up to the point where my life ends